Flame Retardant Fiber : Flame Retardant Fiber (3#)

Flame Retardant Fiber (3#)

Anshun's Flame Retardant Fiber is specially designed for a product that offers excellent flame resistance properties. This fiber is made from modified polyester and can be used in a variety of applications that require flame retardancy, such as protective clothing, curtains, and upholstery. The Flame Retardant Fiber is produced using a unique technology that allows for superior flame resistance while maintaining the excellent performance characteristics of polyester fibers.

(1) Phosphorous copolymerization: Ensures flame retardancy without the use of halogens.
(2) Environmentally-friendly: Meets EU environmental standards (RoHS).
(3) Permanent protection: The fiber's flame-retardant properties will not diminish over time or during non-woven fabric processing, providing long-term safety and reliability.

Belongs to phosphorous copolymerization flame retardant, no halogen. Can pass the EU environmental standards (RoHS). Besides, 3# type flame-retardant fiber will not affect the flame-retardant material in non-woven fabric processing for a long time, so the flame-retardant property is permanent.


The product can pass the physical requirements of FZ/T 52010-2014 standards ;
Test samples 3# type 200 gsm non-woven fabric made of flame retardant virgin PET staple fiber :

What is Flame Retardant Fiber

Flame retardant fiber is a type of fiber that has been designed and treated to resist or slow down the spread of fire, is treated or designed to reduce their flammability when exposed to fire. It can quickly extinguish fibers after leaving the flame without itself.


3D-15D white、black and colors

Test Results

A Samples were tested GB/T 5454-1997 (oxygen index) standard, LOI > 28.
B Samples were tested GB/T 5455-2014 (vertical combustion) standard.
Sample 3# Type
Damaged Length (mm) <80
Duration of Combustion Time (s) 0
Burning Time (s) 0
Drop or Not No

Explanation of Nouns :
- Damage length: Under the specified test conditions, the maximum distance between the damaged area of the material in the specified direction.
- Duration of combustion time: Under the specified test conditions (ignition time is 12 s), the material continues to flame combustion after removing the ignition source.
- Burning time: Under specified test conditions, when the flame combustion is terminated or the ignition source is removed, the material continues to burn without flame.

C Samples were tested GB/T 8410-2006 (horizontal combustion) standard.
Sample 3# Type
Combustion Time (s) 0
Combustion Length (mm) 0
Combustion Rate (mm/min) No
Results A-0mm/min

Explanation of Nouns :
- Judging criteria: The flame is extinguished before reaching the first measuring line (38 mm) and the result is recorded as A-0mm/min.


The application of flame retardant fiber widely used in the production of life-saving textiles and materials, including:
(1)Protective suits for firefighters
(4)Automotive Interior Parts
(5)Acoustic Panels
(6)Construction Panels
(5)And other flame-retardant applications


Avoid mixing with other fibers during production.

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