Biodegradable Polyester Fiber : ECO-AN® Biodegradable Polyester Fiber with CiCLO® Technology

ECO-AN<sup>&reg;</sup> Biodegradable Polyester Fiber with CiCLO<sup>&reg;</sup> Technology

    Biodegradable polyester fiber is a type of synthetic fiber made from polymers that can be broken down by microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. These fibers can degrade in the natural environment without leaving behind any toxic residues. As a biodegradable polyester fiber manufacturer, we provide ECO-AN Biodegradable Polyester Fiber is a polyester fiber that can be degradable with CICLO technology.

  • Polyester is modified and spun into staple fiber, which has the ability to initiate degradation under anaerobic conditions.
  • In addition to the biodegradable properties of ECO-AN®, its subsequent processability is not affected by it.
    It is the same as the general fiber use method. There is no need to change the process at all, and it can be used with confidence.
  • The biodegradable properties of ECO-AN® will not affect other fibers shared with it.
  • The product can pass the physical property requirements of FZ/T 52010-2014 standard.

Products of Eco-An® Staple Fiber

Product Category Denier(D) Length(mm) Characteristics
PET Staple Fiber 1.5-25 25-190 N/A
Bi-component Fiber CO-PET/PET 2-15 51-190 Melting points:120℃、180℃
PA/PET 1.2-12 38、51、64(Customizable) N/A

Product Applications

It is widely used in environmental protection fields such as sanitary materials, industrial nonwovens, automotive interior trim, filter materials, shoe material and carpetwith degradation demand. For example, hygienic materials can be used as raw materials for masks, facial mask, baby diapers, sanitary napkins, disposable sanitary and medical materials. Non woven fabrics for wet wipes, dust cloth and toilet paper, etc.

Product Category Denier(D) Applications
PETStaple Fiber 1.5-2 Wipe paper, spun lace, beauty mask, spinning, garment textile.
2-25 Industrial non-woven fabrics, carpet, automotive interior.
(Need to carefully evaluate the use environment)
Bi-component Fiber CO-PET/PET 4-15 Industrial non-woven fabrics, filter, shoe material.
(Need to carefully evaluate the use environment)
PA6/PET 1.2-12 Shoe material and others…

Degradation mechanism and detection method of Eco-An® Staple Fiber

Degradability of Eco-An® Staple Fiber

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