ES Regular Fiber : PE-PET


A single fiber composited by melt spinning through two different physical materials. It has softer properties than general polyester. Used to make sanitary materials such as diapers and sanitary napkins.

Applications of PE PET Bicomponent Fiber

(1)Hygiene Products: Baby diapers, adult incontinence pants, feminine care napkins.
(2)Filtration Materials: Used in various filtration applications.

Core-core composite staple fiber


● Fiber with low melting point PE as sheath and high melting point PP or PET as core.
The fiber is developed based on the proprietary technology of Anshun, enhancing comfort and visual attractiveness to a new level, suitable for the production of air through nonwonvens as topsheets, backsheets, waistgather, ADL and absorb core.
● Rely on the chosen raw material and optimized process condition, the fiber's properties has been improved greatly on the softness and bulky, which meets the high quality requirements of hygiene used material in the Asian market.
● With the melt point difference of two components in the fiber, the low melt component will be melt and bond the fiber web together to form the nonwovens under the heat condition; this bonding process does not need any additional binder or other chemicals to impart the strength of the material, which is a clean and environmental friendly process.
● Hot-air through nonwovens is the major application of the bi-components fiber in the current market, the resulted nonwovens has the outstanding properties on bulky and resilience,which impart a more comfortable touch feeling.

The Anshun Difference

● Uncompromising Quality: SOFTNESS Bicomponent fibers offer hydrophobicity for dryness and comfort, alongside durable hydrophilicity for lasting absorbency and leak protection.
● Client-focused Innovation: Anshun ensures hygiene from production to storage, prioritizing cleanliness. Advanced testing ensures consistent excellence, with dedicated R&D lines for continuous improvement and optimized customer operations.
● Proven Success: Anshun product offers exceptional performance in various applications, including baby diapers, adult incontinence products, and feminine care items, showcasing its versatility and effectiveness across diverse sectors.
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Main product category

Product Usage Topsheets Material Backsheets Material Waistgather ADL Core
Phobic Fiber 1D        
Phobic Fiber 1.2D        
Philic Fiber 1.8D        
Phobic Fiber 1.8D      
Super Soft Fiber 1.5D    
Coarse Fiber 3/4/6D      

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