Functional Fiber : Low Odor
Low Odor

Materials with low odor function are selected and spun into fiber, so that the fiber has no pungent smell.


The product can pass the physical requirements of FZ/T 52010-2014;
Pass the Ford Changan test standard, the test result is 2.5 level.



Storage Condition

Storage Condition Personnel 1 Personnel 2 Personnel 3 Personnel 4 Personnel 5 Results for Condition Type 1 Results for Condition Type 3
Condition 1 Grade 2.0 Grade 3.0 Grade 2.5 Grade 2.5 Grade 2.5 Grade 2.5 -
Condition 3 Grade 2.5 Grade 3.0 Grade 2.5 Grade 2.5 Grade 3.0 - Grade 2.5

Rating Level

Rating Level Describe
Grade 1 Imperceptible
Grade 2 Perceptible, but no disturbing odor
Grade 3 Obvious detection, but no disturbing odor
Grade 4 Disturbing odor
Grade 5 Strong disturbing odor
Grade 6 Intolerable odor

Sample Application Range

Type Application Range
A Small parts, such as spring collets, plugs and nozzles,etc
B Medium sized parts, such as armrest, ashtray, dust cover and sun visor,etc
C Large areas of materials, such as insulating materials, films, leather, foam materials, carpet, paint and glue, etc
D Process glue

Storage Condition

Type Tempurature Storage Time Humidity
1 40 ± 2°C 24 ± 1 h 50 deionized water/bottle
2 65 ± 2°C 2 h ± 10 min Dry, anhydrous
3 80 ± 2°C 2 h ± 10 min Dry, anhydrous


Widely used in car decoration materials, non-woven fabrics and other
fields that need low ordor function.


Avoid mixing with orther fiber during production.

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