Functional Fiber : Oil and Water Repellent Fiber
Oil and Water Repellent Fiber

Special materials are used to improve the surface tension of the fiber to achieve Oil and water repellent effect.


The product can pass the physical requirements of FZ/T 52010-2014;
The non-woven fabric made of fiber can pass the requirements of AATCC-118 standard.


Test Results

Grade Standard Liquid Surfrace Tension
1 White Mineral Oil 31.2
2 White Mineral Oil:
3 Hexadecane 27.1
4 Tetradecane 26.1
5 Dodecane 25.1
6 Decane 23.5
7 n-Qctane 21.3
8 n-Heptane 19.8


Widely used in home textile materials, car decoration materials, non-woven fabrics and other fields that need flame retardant and antibacterial function.


Avoid mixing with hydrophilic substances during production.

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