Flame Retardant Fiber : Flame Retardant Oil and Water Repellent

Flame Retardant Oil and Water Repellent

Special materials are used to change the structure of the fiber to make it flame retardant and oil and water repellent.


The fiber meets the physical property requirements of FZ / T 52010-2014 standard.
The test sample of 200gsm dense non-woven fabric made by specific process meets the following functional requirements:

A Meet the requirements of aatcc-118 Standard Test > Level 6.

B It meets the flame retardant test standard of pv3357.

C The 200gsm non-woven fabric made from the fiber was used as the test sample: sample were tested GB/T 5454-1997 ( oxygen index ) standard,LOI>30.


3D-15D black


Test Results

Grade Standard Liquid Surfrace Tension
1 White Mineral Oil 31.2
2 White Mineral Oil:
3 Hexadecane 27.1
4 Tetradecane 26.1
5 Dodecane 25.1
6 Decane 23.5
7 n-Qctane 21.3
8 n-Heptane 19.8


Widely used in automobile decoration materials which need flame retardant, oil and water repellent.


Avoid mixing with hydrophilic substances during production.

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