Flame Retardant Fiber : Flame Retardant Polyester Fiber (1#)

Flame Retardant Polyester Fiber (1#)

Belongs to phosphorous copolymerization flame retardant, no halogen. Can pass the EU environmental standards (RoHS). Besides, 1# type flame-retardant
fiber will not affect the flame-retardant material in non-woven fabric processing for a long time, so the flame-retardant property is permanent.


The product can pass the physical requirements of FZ/T 52010-2014 standards ;
Test samples 1# type 200 gsm non-woven fabric made of flame retardant virgin PET staple fiber :


1.5D-25D white、black and colors

Test Results

A Samples were tested GB/T 5454-1997 (oxygen index) standard, LOI > 32.
B Samples were tested GB/T 5455-2014 (vertical combustion) standard.
Sample 1# Type
Damaged Length (mm) <80
Duration of Combustion Time (s) 0
Burning Time (s) 0
Drop or Not No

Explanation of Nouns :
- Damage length: Under the specified test conditions, the maximum distance between the damaged area of the material in the specified direction.
- Duration of combustion time: Under the specified test conditions (ignition time is 12 s), the material continues to flame combustion after removing the ignition source.
- Burning time: Under specified test conditions, when the flame combustion is terminated or the ignition source is removed, the material continues to burn without flame.

C Samples were tested GB/T 8410-2006 (horizontal combustion) standard.
Sample 1# Type
Combustion Time (s) 0
Combustion Length (mm) 0
Combustion Rate (mm/min) No
Results A-0mm/min

Explanation of Nouns :
- Judging criteria: The flame is extinguished before reaching the first measuring line (38 mm) and the result is recorded as A-0mm/min.


Widely used in decorative materials, car decoration materials and carpets and other flame-retardant functional areas.


Avoid mixing with other fibers during production.

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