Functional Fiber : Persian Black Silk Ribbon

Persian Black Silk Ribbon

Persian Black Silk Ribbon is a new type of fiber that replaces acrylic fiber. Through the modification, the product
has the effect of cationic dyeing at room temperature and pressure. Not only the coloring time is slightly faster than
that of acrylic fiber, but the color fastness is also slightly higher than that of ordinary fibers. At the same time, due to
the fine pores on the surface of the fiber, it has good air permeability and has a slight moisture absorption and
perspiration function. This kind of pores also makes the fiber more skin-friendly than other fibers.


The product meets the physical property requirements of FZ/T 52010-2014.
And its dyeing meets European environmental protection standards.


It is widely used in wool blending and other fields requiring normal pressure dyeing, such as yarn, knitwear, etc and can also be used in printing, such as carpets, clothing fabrics, etc. Normally, 1.5D for fabric yarn, 2.5D-6D for knitting yarn, 9D/13D for carpet yarn


Denier: 1.5D、2.5D-6D、9D/13D, length : 32mm-190mm, white

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