Anshun Bi-component Fiber

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Anshun is a high standard Bicomponent fiber manufacturer offer the SOFTNESS Bicomponent fiber solution for the disposable hygiene market.

With two bi-component staple fiber lines, Anshun provides the market with the products by PE/PET, PE/PP, and PA6/PET. The annul capacity is 27,000MT.

The Bico fiber fineness varies from 0.8 to 15 denier, with the properties of hydrophobic, single hydrophilic, durable hydrophilic,weak hydrophilic, weak acid and antibacterial. Raw white, super white, black and colored are available. The bicomponent fiber is mainly used for Baby diaper top sheet, back sheet, waist gather, ADL and absorbent core etc. It also can sued for adult incontinence pants and fem care napkin and even for filtration and packing industry.

Anshun bicomponent fiber production line is a brand new and advanced production equipment, which provides guarantee for production capacity. Clean and contamination-free production environment and storage condition guarantees product Hygiene quality. Advanced testing equipment and technology to inspect the raw material and control high quality of every delivery for customer. We have Bico fiber pilot line and air-through non-woven pilot line in our R&D center, and guarantee finish goods quality as well as to improve the productivity at our customers.

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