Anshun : Leading the Way in Soft and Sustainable Bicomponent Fibers

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Unveiling SOFTNESS : A Revolution in Disposable Hygiene

Anshun, a renowned bicomponent fiber manufacturer, proudly presents its SOFTNESS solution, specifically designed for the disposable hygiene market. With two dedicated bi-component staple fiber lines, Anshun delivers a diverse range of products featuring PE/PET, PE/PP, and PA6/PET blends. The impressive annual capacity reaches 27,000 metric tons, ensuring consistent supply for your needs.

bicomponent fiber manufacturer

Tailored Fibers for Optimal Performance

From a whisper-soft 0.8 denier to a robust 15 denier, Anshun's SOFTNESS Bicomponent fibers cater to various applications. These innovative fibers boast a range of functionalities, including :

  • Hydrophobic

    : Repels moisture for improved dryness and comfort.

  • Single Hydrophilic

    : Absorbs specific fluids while remaining dry to the touch.

  • Durable Hydrophilic

    : Delivers long-lasting absorbency for enhanced leak protection.

  • Weak Hydrophilic

    : Offers controlled moisture absorption for specific applications.

  • Weak Acid & Antibacterial

    : Provides additional hygiene benefits for sensitive skin.

Available in raw white, super white, black, and vibrant colors, SOFTNESS Bicomponent fibers cater to diverse aesthetic needs.

Beyond Diapers - A World of Applications

While SOFTNESS excels in baby diapers, including top sheets, back sheets, waist gathers, ADLs, and absorbent cores, its versatility extends far beyond. From adult incontinence pants and feminine care napkins to filtration and packing industries, these adaptable fibers offer optimal performance across diverse sectors.

Soft and Sustainable Bicomponent Fibers for baby diapers

Unwavering Commitment to Quality and Innovation

At Anshun, quality and innovation are not mere words, but cornerstones of their philosophy. Their brand-new, advanced production lines guarantee exceptional production capacity. Furthermore, they prioritize a clean and contamination-free environment throughout the production and storage process, ensuring the highest hygiene standards for their products.

Beyond production, Anshun prioritizes meticulous quality control. Advanced testing equipment and technology rigorously inspect raw materials, guaranteeing consistent excellence in every delivery. Their commitment to quality extends beyond their own premises. Their R&D center houses dedicated pilot lines for both bicomponent fibers and air-through non-woven fabrics, allowing them to continuously improve product quality and optimize the productivity of their customers' operations.

By choosing Anshun SOFTNESS Bicomponent fibers, you not only experience unparalleled softness and performance, but also embrace a company dedicated to sustainability and customer success.

Production of Bicomponent Fibers

Let Anshun Revolutionize Your Disposable Hygiene Products.

For a more sustainable option, learn more about our Ocean-Bound Plastic Fiber product line. This innovative fiber is made from recycled plastic waste that is intercepted before it reaches the ocean. It offers the same softness and performance as our traditional SOFTNESS fibers, while also helping to reduce plastic pollution.

For more information about our Bicomponent Fibers, please contact us today !

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