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Since the birth of diapers in the 1960s, the traditional white diaper has continued till now (Pic. 1). However, the uniform white diapers is too monotonous and lacks fashion sense.

Pic. 1. the Traditional Diaper

Pic. 2. the Colorful ES Fiber

Today's mother group is mostly post-90s and post-00s. While they pursue comfort, safety and reliability, and they also prefer diapers with diverse colors and fashionable design.

Pic. 3. the Colorful hot air fabrics

Pic. 4. the Handmade Sample of Colored Diapers

In Wuhan CIDPEX 2022, Anshun launched ES bicomponent color fiber (Pic. 2) to make color hot air non-woven fabric (Pic. 3) for the back sheets of diapers (Pic. 4), breaking the traditional concept of white diapers, leading the sanitary materials industry with the characteristics of bright color, fashion, personalization and customization.

Colored fibers are available in a variety of colors like blue, yellow, purple, pink, green. The raw material of Bico fiber is Sheath-core structure, and the color master batch is added to the pet core layer without precipitation and color fading. And that color mast batch is safe and reliable through third-party authoritative authentication.

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