Functional Fiber : Antibacterial Fiber
Antibacterial Fiber

Flame retardant products dont contain halogen, can pass the EU environmental standards (RoHS). Using the special materials to change the internal structure of fibers, to make the fiber has flame retardant property and antibacterial property.


The product can pass the physical property requirements of FZ/T 52010-2014 standard;
The product can pass the GB/T 20944.2-2007 antimicrobial test standard by absorption method, antibacterial rate > 99%;
The product can pass the GB/T 8410-2006 test standard, and the test result is A-0 mm/min.

Analysis and Test Result
Report No. : 2020FM19991R01
Microorganisms testing Bacterial colonies measured after cultivation for the sample "0" 18h after cultivation for the sample "0" 18h after cultivation for the sample Bacteriostatic value Bacteriostasis rate (%)
Staphylococcus Aureus
5.4 × 104 1.1 × 108 2.8 × 105 2.6 99

Samples were tested GB/T 8410-2006 (horizontal combustion) standard
Sample Non-woven
Combustion Time (s) 0
Combustion Length (mm) 0
Combustion Rate (mm/min) No
Results A-0 mm/min

Explanation of Nouns :
- Judging criteria: The flame is extinguished before reaching the first measuring line (38 mm) and the result is recorded as A-0mm/min.




Widely used in home textile materials, car decoration materials, non-woven fabrics and other fields that need flame retardant and antibacterial function.


Other fibers should be carefully blended in the production process.

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