Low Melting Point Fiber : 4080 Fiber
4080 Fiber

Low-melting PET fiber is a sheath-core fiber made by composite spinning of general PET and modified low-melting PET. It can be bonded with other fibers at a lower processing temperature than general PET fibers.
The phosphorus content of 4080 low melting point fiber ≥6500, and melting point is 120℃.


2.22-6.67dtex, Raw White, Black, Dope Dye (Customizable)


Industrial Nonwoven Fabrics, Filter Materials, Shoe Materials.


(1) Fiber length can be customized according to customer requirements;
(2) Some fiber physical properties or characterization properties (such as breaking strength, elongation at break, crimps per inch, degree of crimp, bulkiness, oil content...) can be customized according to customer requirements.

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