Functional Fiber : PET Staple Fiber With Phenolic- Yellowing Resistant
PET Staple Fiber With Phenolic- Yellowing Resistant

Phenolic yellowing is a phenomenon of fabric yellowing caused by nitrogen oxide or phenolic compounds. Therefore, by adding materials with anti phenolic yellowing function, the PET Staple Fiber has certain resistance to phenolic yellowing, and the material will not yellowing in the production process or packaging process.


The product meets the physical property requirements of FZ / T 52010-2014 standard.
The product meets the GB / T 29778-2013 color fastness test standard for phenol yellow, and the test result is grade 4-5.




Widely used in shoe materials, car accessories and other fields that need to be resistant to phenol yellowing.


Careful blending with other fibers will affect the yellowing resistance of phenolic resin.

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