ES Regular Fiber : Electret Fiber
Electret Fiber

The electret dielectric material is added to the fiber to permanently charge the fiber surface.


Product Category Denier(D) Length(mm) Appliactions
PP Fiber 1.5、2.0 38 Electrostatic adsorption material
Bi-component Fiber PE/PP 1.5、2.0 38 Filter material


Practical Application of Electret Fiber-NaCl Capture Efficiency

Sample Imported Electret Fiber Anshun Electret PE/PP Fiber Anshun Electret PP/PET Fiber
Fiber ratio(%) 100 100 100
Heat resistance test Before After Before After Before After
NaCl Capture Efficiency(%) 0.3um Electrostatic electret 74.7 12.8 83.9 68.8 79.3 58.4
Reduction rate(%) 82.9 18.0 26.4
Remarks : The heat-resistant test conditions are that the sample is placed in an oven at 100°C for 2 hours
Test method:
(1)NaCl capture efficiency EN143
(2)Sampling flow 32L/min
(3)Test area 20cm2

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