Anshun Showed Booth at CIDPEX 2022

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The 29th China International Disposable Paper Expo 2022 was held in Wuhan International Expo Center from July 29 to 31, 2022 as scheduled. There are more than 800 enterprises in the industry participating in this exhibition, and more than 1000 brand products are on display.

In this exhibition, Anshun mainly introduced bi-component ES colored fiber, ECO-AN® biodegradable Fiber and ELA-AN®n elastic fiber.

  1. Bi-component ES colored fiber

    Anshun launched ES colored fiber in this exhibition for the production of colored hot air non-woven fabrics, breaking the traditional white diapers, with bright colors, fashion, personalization, customization, younger and other characteristics.

    Colored fibers are available in a variety of colors like blue, yellow, purple, pink, green. The raw material of Bico fiber is a skin-core structure, and the color master batch is added to the pet core layer without precipitation and color fading. And that color mast batch is safe and reliable through third-party authoritative authentication.

  2. ECO-AN® biodegradable Fiber

    At the exhibition, many customers are interested in the degradable fibers of Anshun Company, which shows that environmental protection and degradable fibers have gradually become a trend in the world.

  3. ELA-AN®n elastic fiber

    The elastic non-woven fabric is obtained by carrying out hot air carding on the Ela-an elastic fiber, then carrying out needling or spun-lacing on the Ela-an elastic fiber, and carrying out heat treatment in an oven.

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