Anshun attend N-EXPO2023

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N-Expo 2023 from May 24-26

N-EXPO2023 held in Tokyo Japan is the largest environmental exhibition in Asia which is combined with Waste Recycling/ Disposal,Water Treatment,Bio-Energy and Ecological Protection,and at the same time,there is also a theme exhibition to reduce the Greenhouse-effect which is commit to protection the environment of human habitation and building a clean earth.

Zhejiang Anshun Pettechs Fibre Co.,Ltd as the important role of Boretech which is a pioneer engineering company in recycled polyester industry integrated resources and technology is a great honor to attend this N-EXPO2023 where we bring our most advanced staple fiber sample with state-of-art technology from recycled staple fibers to degradable fibers,meanwhile this fair indicated our expertise and professional abilities in the field of recycled polyester fiber industry.

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