Zhejiang Anshun Chemical Fiber Participates in SINCE2023

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Zhejiang Anshun Chemical Fiber Participates in SINCE2023

The 20th International Nonwovens Exhibition (SINCE2023) grandly opened at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center on November 8, 2023. Over 300 nonwoven material industry leaders gathered at SINCE2023, showcasing a plethora of new products, technologies, and concepts, presenting the achievements of various aspects of the nonwoven material industry chain in a dazzling array.

Adhering to the concept of sustainable development and actively implementing the "dual carbon" strategy with carbon footprint accounting, Zhejiang Anshun highlighted the "Eco-Easy Degrading Fiber" at this exhibition. This includes recycled polyester, high-end differentiated fibers such as flame-retardant low-melting fibers, elastic fibers, and super-low-permeability ES fibers. From recycled fibers to degradable fibers, we demonstrate our expertise and technical capabilities in the field of recycling to the world.

Many domestic and foreign customers gathered at this exhibition to discuss and learn from each other on issues related to industry sustainable development, new products, and new technologies. Insisting on driving enterprise development with technological innovation, we aim to provide high-quality products and services to global customers and every consumer.

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