PA-B Persian Fiber

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Anshun PA-B Persian is a new environment-friendly fiber to replace acrylic fiber, which combines the characteristics and advantages of a variety of chemical fibers. The fiber meets the physical property requirements of FZ/T52010-2014 standard, and the dyeing effect can reach the European environmental protection standard.

Characteristics: easy to dye (normal temperature and pressure cationic dye coloring); breathable, thermal, antibacterial.

Through modification, the Persian has the effect of deep dyeing of cationic dyes at normal temperature and pressure, not only the dyeing time is faster than acrylic fibers, but also the color fastness is higher than ordinary fibers. At the same time, because of the fine pores on the surface of the PA-B Persian fiber, it has good air permeability and slight moisture absorption and perspiration function, which also makes the skin-friendly fiber better than other fibers.

The PA-B Persian is used for long and short filaments of different specifications, imitates acrylic fibers and wool, and can also be blended with the acrylic fibers and the wool to produce wool tops, various velvet knitted clothing fabrics, various high-grade blankets and carpets, thereby reducing the production cost of wool spinning products. The dyeing speed of cationic dyes at normal temperature and pressure (below 100 ℃) is faster than that of acrylic fibers, with good elasticity, strong wool feeling, antistatic, anti-pilling and better air permeability than other chemical fibers.

Under the background of low-carbon economy, structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, the polyester fiber produced by direct spinning of atmospheric pressure cationic dyeable polyester will usher in new opportunities for development, because it not only avoids the problems of high energy consumption and high pollution, but also promotes the development of modified polyester fiber, and improves the grade of wool textile products.

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PA-B Persian Fiber

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