Anshun Chemical Fiber Photovoltaic Project Connected to the Grid for Electricity Generation.

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Recently, Zhejiang Anshun Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. has successfully completed the acceptance of a 1.2MWp rooftop distributed solar photovoltaic power generation project and has successfully connected it to the grid for electricity generation.

The project was officially launched in November 2023, making full use of the roof space of the factory buildings. A total of 2121 solar photovoltaic modules were installed, with a total installed capacity of 1198.3KWp. Currently, the project is running smoothly and contributing to a reduction of 684 tons of carbon emissions for society.

Zhejiang Anshun Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of differentiated polyester products and composite fibers for sanitary materials, located on the Ecological Island in Dongzhou District, Fuyang, Hangzhou City. This marks another milestone for the company in the field of practicing low-carbon, green, and sustainable development, following the acquisition of the Green Leaf Certificate last year through carbon footprint accounting.

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